The Power Of Live Events

I’ve had the opportunity to speak in front of large crowds on more than one occasion, and whether I’m talking business tips, seminars, or otherwise there is always an individual either before a speech or after who asks me about how I can get up in front of that many people and just talk normally. The fear that creeps into their voice at the thought of having that many people focusing on you is tangible. I have found that this stage fright can affect individuals from a wide range of speaking points, whether class projects, college talks, seminars or otherwise. So I figured this would be a good topic on which to place a blog post here, and share some of the tips that have assisted me over time.

Firstly, everyone is nervous speaking in front of a large crowd, even the ones who seem calm and collected. There’s something about that many individuals giving you their attention, and you being responsible for filling that void their silence provides that can be daunting. What if you mess up? What if someone calls you out on an inaccuracy? There seems to be a lot to be nervous about. But really, the fear is mostly unfounded. Your brain gets nervous and starts filling in that fear with random hypotheticals. Once you embrace that nervousness, acknowledge it and accept that it’s there, you can step over the threshold into doing something about it.

There are many individuals who will give you the talk about picturing people in their underwear or otherwise, but in my personal experience this isn’t really a plausible tactic. In truth, you often can’t see the people you’re worried about. On larger stages with direct lighting, the whole audience becomes kind of a grey-black blur of shadows. The first few rows may be visible, but otherwise it’s hard to make anyone out. For more direct visibility, such as boardroom presentations or otherwise, this may not be much of a consolation, but there are tricks to dealing with that too. My good friend and business partner Mike, who only today invested in one of the biggest plumbing companies in Australia, has no issues with this, he’s a natural.

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Goal Setting

Trying to offer different viewpoints on key items is one of our objectives here, and in the last blog post we spoke about setting high and achievable goals. Individuals can often become lost in the context of the post if you’re not the type of person who is motivated by that line of thinking or style of goal setting. So in the interest of appealing to different types of individuals we offer a second talking point approaching the topic from a different point of view, and perhaps offering some valuable information to those who attain their successes through different means.

One point that this author found to contradict the progression of certain types of individuals, was setting more goals in a day that you can accomplish. Often, if you’re not already in that mindset, you can find that this works in a counterproductive way as it leaves a lot in your day that remains unaccomplished, and can have you feeling like you’re not making at headway towards your goals. In contrast to that point, I say “Aim for what you feel you can achieve in a day, plus one.”

What that means, is set your reasonably attained goals, but always strive to get one more thing done that’s above and beyond your daily goals. Not only does this mean that if you don’t manage to hit that plus one, you still have all your daily goals done, but if you do manage to get that plus one finished, you have taken a further step into a more productive use of your time. Getting that extra goal done in a day can have a great impact on your overall productivity for the next day, and so on. With the intent that each plus one eventually becomes a part of what you know you can accomplish in a day, and you can proceed to start on another plus one, thusly making each day more productive.

Time management is a big part of every professionals day, and our crew comprising of all types of business professionals find themselves needing to create a balance between speed, efficiency and productivity. If you overload your calendar in one way or another, then you find that another area sacrifices. Again, this isn’t the way that everyone operates, but it gives room for those who need to take smaller steps the ability to do so.

While attending a seminar in Australia last year, one of the key note speakers made a point of illustrating the three legged stool analogy. What this means is that the three key values in setting your goals need to be directly proportional to one another, and if one is imbalanced, the whole chair falls. Find your three key areas, and try to incorporate them into your every day, keep your balance, and you will find over time that the ability to do so becomes easier as time goes on. This gives you the means to attain your goals with more ease, and less effort.

Are You Setting Goals High Enough?

All entrepreneurs, businessman, sales people, motivational speakers and all successful people are always talking about setting goals. They’re all saying the same kinda things, why? They all say that setting goals is a vital step towards your success. Up until early this year, I never set goals for myself. I would dream about what I wanted but never took the necessary steps needed to actually properly set those goals and achieve them. From the time I promised myself to learn something everyday from someone that has become massively successful, like Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins (more for motivation), Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many others, I have noticed change in my actions and my behaviour towards what I want and need to do in life that will make me happy, successful and provide a great life for my family. Following these kind of people and diving in to their world and learning from them, learning about them, learning how they did it and why they did it and all the good things in between, gets you motivated, inspired and in the right mind set, or at least in to knowing what their mind set is or was. If you surround yourself with these kind of successful people and amerce yourself in to their lives and the things they do and teach, you will begin to think the same way and form a similar kind of mind set needed to be on this level.

So I started writing down my goals the first thing in the morning when I get out of bed and just before I go to sleep, a little tip from my man Grant Cardone. When writing your goals you should not be afraid to write something that you consciously think is out of reach or unreasonable. Write goals that state what you actually want not just what you need and think BIG. Grant Cardone’s book The 10x Rule is a book I’ve just read twice and this guy is nuts. He talks about setting goals and taking massive amounts of action to ensure you acquire the results you had in mind or if not more. If your calendar has more than you can handle for the day, then your doing something right, more on your calendar means more action which means more results, it makes total sense to me guys. If you want to get in to setting out your day in order and to it’s fullest potential, first you need to read The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone, then you need to buy his 10x planner which I already have, it’s a great way to make your day come alive.

To contact me and find out how you can get your hands on the 10x planner click here.

The User First Family

Welcome to the User First Interactive website, I’m James the founder of the group. My intentions weren’t to make this a big thing but the more and more I put it out there and let people know about my idea the more popular it became. I planned on rounding up as many people as I could to start a little group or mastermind if you like and sharing ideas on entrepreneurship and starting businesses from scratch and building them to be highly successful. The response I have received has been amazing and would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has got involved and helped us get it all together.

Our goal is to share ideas and follow our successful mentors footsteps. If there is something you like to do, or someone you like and follow and admire for the things they have achieved and it falls in to same type of thing you would like to do, or you just like the style they deliver their content or just like their attitude to life, then you need to try and learn from them. Whether it be through books, training, coaching, audio, seminars or whatever, I believe if you try and emulate what they do and tap in to it with your own twist and style, you will have an edge on those people who sit at home dreaming they want to be successful and do absolutely nothing about it.
All successful people with tell you this in their own little ways, but it’s up to you to choose who you want to be and who you would like to learn from. I’m not saying you should go out there and copy someone, for example one of my favourites at the moment is Grant Cardone, I’m simply saying, if your in to what he does and the proof is there in front of you that the guy is one of the most successful entrepreneurs out there, then he’s doing something right.